Organic Design connects human spiritually with elements of nature by providing personalized and quality hand-made pieces for special occasions.

Rose pendant 2

By using crystal resin we can turn your wedding bouquet petals or single flower piece into beautiful jewelry or artistic home decoration based on your wishes. From personal wearable jewelry such as classy pendants, earrings, cuff-links to art decoration pieces like press paper weights or table centerpieces, we bring nature and uniqueness to your life and your home and those of your loved ones.

Want to keep carrying precious moments forever? Why not let us create a unique pendant or bracelet from your baby’s keepsake tooth? If you have a pet, you can also send us your pet’s tooth or fur and we can make a charm from it.

We also offer memorial jewelry or home decoration from ashes like crosses, as well as earrings, bracelets, rings made from real flowers. 

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