Getting married is a once in a lifetime experience. Every detail needs to be perfect and match flawlessly. From the center piece jewelry of the bride, to the shoes, the bouquet and the table decoration. 

Whether you are getting married or you are attending a wedding, you want to make sure that your day is special. If you are looking for something unique, what better way than to have hand-crafted jewelry made just for you that fits with your style and your theme! 

You can also capture the happy moments by having your bouquet and your bridesmaids flowers made in exquisite jewelry made to fit for years to remember. The process includes drying the flowers while preserving their form and texture, then using several layers of eco resin and additional decorations to create stylish earrings, pendants, rings, bracelets, hair accessories or decoration. 

English roses hair vine wedding, natural pink rose buds and crystal bridal hair piece

Many newlyweds also give a small takeaway gift to their guests as a memory- why not have something custom made that will remind them of your special day: like a brioche or an ornament.

White rose in crystal resin, brioche, decorative element

Roses and flowers make GREAT centerpieces for any wedding, banquet, and special event. As they are well preserved in the crystal resin you can even take them after and use as home table or wall décor.

Table decor, whole role,crystal resin, home design and decoration

Wall or mirror decor, whole rose, crystal resin

If you are planning a hen party you may want to get a matching set of earrings for the whole group, take a look at these small beautiful earrings for inspiration:

Hen party earrings, stone paper and crystal resin

There are almost endless possibilities of combining flowers, textures, materials and styles that can create and give a unique look and make an impression!

Botanic style wedding: Brides accessories, green leafs, bronze lining, crystal resin earrings, bracelet, necklace
Bridesmaids earrings, real rose petals, crystal resin, crystals and beads

Wrap Cuff leaf bracelet , Cuff green bangle, Plant Nature Jewelry, Cuff Bracelets for woman, wedding accessory, forest gift for wife, bio
Ethno jewelry, polymer clay, wedding accessories