When the springtime comes?

At the end or in the meddle of the heavy winter I have been always waiting to see the first snowdrops. This was the call of Nature to tell me the spring is coming. And now I have good news. I saw an ocean of snowdrops in the ‘Amsterdamse bos’. It is time to put on the new clothing with vivid colors ­čÖé

My heart is blue

Loosing somebody we love is hard. Healing from the pain can take a long time, sometimes the heaviness on the heart never truly goes away.

We try to give a little bit of comfort and in a way some happiness to bring a piece of our loved  ones wherever we go. This blue heart is a token of remembrance, a nest for the ashes of the ones we cared for to keep the memory alive.

                                                                                       Memorial heart necklace, ashes and crystal resin, memory jewelry

Get your blue heart and allow  for peace, hope and love to come back into your heart and feel alive again. 

Unique milk charm necklace for new moms

Inspired by the thousand-year-old tradition of breastfeeding our latest special memory necklace is a lovely little milk charm. This necklace is made of several layers of epoxy resin and┬á captures the memory between the baby and it’s mother- a tiny drop of mother’s milk.

 It is very easy to dry some drops of milk (for instance you can put it between oven paper sheets in a microwave)  from which we can create a wonderful keepsake to celebrate your breastfeeding story as a sign of love and dedication. 

You can order your necklace by clicking  here.  If you have any additional  questions or special requests, you can contact us via email. 

Natural and warm: living coral petals bracelet

According to Pantone 2019 is the year of the living coral- a warm soft color that falls naturally and gives a warm authentic touch.

Inspired by the living coral, these orchid earrings create natural intimacy of the colors with the human body- worthy of an urban fashion show! 

                              Living coral bracelet made from real flower petals and crystal resin 

Get this natural petals bracelet here and take the feeling of being close to the coral reef with you anywhere you go!

                                Living coral crystal resin flower petal earrings (available soon!)