Children & pets

Time flies by, especially when you have kids. Wouldn’t it be great to be able to capture the uniqueness of those first precious moments of your child- 
first word, first tooth, first hair cut, first step only to name a few.

For the little ones and their parents we offer customized hand-made jewelry or accessories for medallions, key chains, beads with keepsake hair flocks, baby tooth, baby pictures.

Babylock hair, crystal resin, pendant 

The lock of hair is immersed in crystal clear eco resin with a rectangular shape. This resin is UV stabilized and with a low viscosity that allows for a firm and long-lasting fixation. You can also have this as a key chain, earrings, rings, home decoration or add as an ornament to your home.

Make a customized cover of your boy or girl in a beautiful decorative book, that can be either used as a medallion, a key chain or book separator. The book is aged and covered with a protective layer for long lasting use. The cover is made of stone paper which is very durable and environmentally friendly. Another great idea is to send us your child’s fingerprint or baby tooth which we can customize in multiple ways.

Stone paper, crystal resin, decoupage, aged look

Real natural pearls necklace, keepsake tooth in crystal resin, detachable, unique quirky, elegant style

For the animal lovers we offer personalized gift jewelry with your favorite pet picture as a cover of a book. The Book is a custom designed print. The necklace is finished with a fitting bead/crystal. The chain is Silver plated. 

There is also an option to do the book as a bookmark or a key chain.

Crystal resin keepsake dog tooth,pendant necklace; 
pet jewelry custom, pet pendant
Baby dog’s first tooth 

Our memorial jewelry is made of the most eco-friendly resin as it contains no petroleum-based materials but rather uses pine oils and bio-fuels. The pet gift is finished with Silver plated chain to hang with an option to exchange for a 925 Sterling Silver Chain.